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How To Make Money With Solo Ads

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How To Make Money Online
Buying and Selling Solo Ads

One very reliable method for driving quick traffic to your website and building your list fast is solo ads. You pay for an amount of traffic and it’s delivered within 48 hours. And on the other hand, you can easily make money online selling solo ads.

How To Use Solo Ads To Drive Targeted
Web Traffic To Your Website

Solo ad is when someone sends an email on your behalf to his list of subscribers. In most cases you’ll be charged for this service but you can also get it for free if you just swap your list with the list owner i.e. you send email to your list about his product in exchange for him doing the same for you.

With the advent of solo ads, it’s become increasingly easy to drive targeted traffic to your website and make sales sometimes almost immediately. If you need instant traffic either to your website, CPA offer, affiliate products or you want to build your list fast, this is the perfect, fastest way to do it.

solo ad

With solo ads, if you have the money, you can buy any amount of web traffic you want at anytime. When you buy solo ad, you are basically buying an amount of visitors to your offer. You are paying for the clicks the vendor will send to your offer. Some companies tend to charge a fixed amount to send to their entire list or part of their list.

Both options above are good if you are dealing with someone with a good list. However, I prefer the  first option where you just buy clicks because you will know in advance how many clicks you’re going to be getting and you can plan accordingly. If conversion is right, you should be making sales immediately.

Buying a solo ad is straightforward. You contact the list owner, you negotiate a price and the result you want to get, then you pay and the traffic start coming in. There’s no quality scores, no complicated algorithms, no bidding on keywords… this is QUALITY, targeted traffic at its best!

How Do You Make Money
With Solo Ads?

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If you have a list of your own, you’ll find that the easiest money you’ll ever make online is selling solo ads.  In fact, this is a booming market at present and it won’t be stopping soon but the earlier you get into it the better.

How Much Can You Make?

With a list of 1500 subscribers, you may be able to deliver 50-70 clicks at a time and assuming that you sell 50 clicks to 20 people in a month at the rate of $20 each, you would be making at least $400 per month.

Take a Look At The Table Below For The Income Potential Of Selling Solo Ads


List Size Click-through Rate Clicks Delivered Average Rate Quantity Sold/Month Monthly Income Yearly Income
1,000 5% 50 $20 20 $400 $4,800
1,500 5%  75 $30  20  $600 $7,200
3,000 5%  150 $50  20 $1,000 $12,000
5,000 5% 250 $80   20 $1,600 $19,200
10,000 5% 500 $150  20 $3,000 $36,000
20,000 5%  1,000 $320  20 $6,400 $76,800
50,000 5% 2,500 $700  20 $14,000 $168,000
100,000 5% 5,000 $1400 20 $28,000 $336,000

Using the statistics above it is easy to see how much you could be earning from solo ads as your list grows. And you can build a list of 100,000 subscribers a year if you so wish.

Suffix to say that the more your list grows the more money you make. Plus you can sell affiliate products or your own product to your list and make even more money at the same time.

So, you can now begin to appreciate the saying that the money is in the list. The more your list grows the more earning power you have. That’s the entire secret to online wealth.

To start making money with solo ads, the first thing you want to do, if you don’t already have a list of your own, is to start building your list by buying solo ads and doing ad swaps with other list owners. As you can see above, your list is your asset. The more of it you have the wealthier you’ll become. Is this too difficult to do?

Once you get your list size to about 1,500 subscribers (recommended), you can start selling solo ads. Your goal will be to build your list as fast as possible at this stage. So, while selling your solo ads, reinvest the money you make into buying more solo ads so that you can grow both your list and your income at the same time. I can’t think of any better opportunity that this.

Where Do You Find Good Solo Ads Sellers?

Like everything in life, there’s a risk associated with buying solo ads. If you buy from the wrong seller, you could end up losing money.  So buying from the right source is important. When you find a solo ad seller, start with their lowest package. Buy small and if the traffic is good, buy larger one.

One of the ways to find good solo ads sellers is through facebook groups and skype groups. If you don’t know where to find these groups just ask around. Ask the next person you buy solo ad from if they can introduce you to any group. Once you belong to one group then ask the entire group for more introductions. In these groups you can also sell your solo ads once it’s time for you to start selling.

You can also find solo ads sellers from forums in your niche and also from directories scattered all over the internet – just search for ‘solo ads directory’ on Google and you are sure to come up with several of them.  But be careful when you buy solo ads from people you find in directories because of the risk elements but they are good places to find solo ads sellers.

Now you know that solo ad is the easiest web traffic generator. It is time to discover the secret to building your list and making $100 – $200 per day online selling solo ads.


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